Sample Letters

The person at the top of the list to write to is Mrs Debbie Pickard.  Mrs Pickard is the Council Development Control/ Service Manager.  Apparently, Mrs Pickard will make a recommendation to the Planning Committee so we should target her.  The deadline for submitting objections has been extended to 20th May.

Wirral Borough Council, Planning Office

Mrs Debbie Pickard

Planning & Economic Development Dept.

Town Hall, Brighton St.

Wallasey CH44 8ED

Mrs Pickard has also said that she had consulted with, and was waiting for responses from English Heritage, the Victorian Society, CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) and the Village Society. These are the groups who need extra lobbying.  

English Heritage

Mr Rob Burns (Historic Areas Advisor)

English Heritage

North West Region

Canada House

Chepstow Street


M1 5FW

Port Sunlight Village Trust had indicated that English Heritage had dictated the industrial style of the development.  Lindsey Prosser of the BBC reported on North West Tonight that this was not the case.

CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment)

The Tower Building, 11 York Road, London, SE1 7NX
Tel: 020 7960 2400 (general)
Fax: 020 7960 2444 (general)

North West Region:

Mr Charles Wilson
Architect and Planner (Private Consultant) - Member of English Heritage Advisory Committee and Urban Panel
Postal address - Head Office (see above)
Tel: 01524 64120

The Victorian Society

1 Priory Gardens, Bedford Park, London W4 1TT (include SAE)

Planning Committee

These are the councillors that ultimately have the decision as to grant planning permission.

Click to open a file containing their names and addresses

Ben Chapman MP

Mr Chapman has already indicated that he is not willing to intervene in a planning dispute.  However, Mr Chapman has met with members of Save Port Sunlight.  This meeting was very constructive.  Feel free to use the standard letter below to write to Mr Chapman with your views.

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Mr Chapman has an e mail address but this is not currently active.

Cllr Steve Niblock

We have also had a great deal of help, support and advice from Cllr Steve Niblock.  Click here to e mail Steve.  His full contact details can be found in the local politicans listing below. 


Other people to write include:

Council Planning Committee (See sample e mail site)

Click here for the names and addresses of local politicians

Click here for the names and addresses of local newspapers

Click here for the names and addresses of national government contacts

If you have written any letters that you would be willing to share please e mail us.